Korean Skin Care Snail Mucin for Glass like skin

Snail Mucin in Korean Products

SNAIL MUCIN! Seriously??! Have you heard about this crazy skin care ingredient making news lately? Many Korean skin care products are full of this ingredient (cruelty free). As odd and innovative as the Mucin of the Snail may seem, THE BENEFITS ARE MANY:
-Hydrates: The hyaluronic acid component acts like a sponge soaking up water that plumps & rejuvenates the skin.
- Exfoliates skin: Naturally contains glycolic acid that gently exfoliates, & allantoin that hydrates & provides anti-inflammatory benefits.
-Boosts collagen production: Contains growth factors that stimulate collagen production leading to more youthful looking skin. Great at minimizing fine lines & wrinkles.
- Speeds up wound healing: Studies ( ex. Journal of Dermatological Treatment) show Snail Mucin has wound healing properties and is also good for inflammatory acne.
Application: Snail Mucin is gentle but active & tolerated by most. Layering products that contain snail mucin on top of AHA or retinol can help amp us their results.
Quality of the Snail Mucin: Just like any product, quality of ingredients are not created equal. Buy from trusted sources that have vetted the companies they represent.